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I'm looking to sell an old SOG knife my dad had, any help?
What about scratches, rust and tarnishing?
I have just the knife itself, maybe the worn sheath. How?
Searching didn't give me much value on my heirloom knife, help?
My SOG knife has been used - is it still worth anything?
I can't find any information on my vintage SOG..
Should I keep or sell this rare SOG Bowie knife?
I am looking for up to date knife values for collectible SOG knives.
What's MIB, NIB and all that?

If you find yourself asking those questions, fret not! - we're here to help!

Just send us a few large close-up pictures of your SOG knife (both sides) + sheath + box + accessories and *its defects* (very important!) and let us do an online knife appraisal for you!

All for just a dollar!

Send pictures/email to: admin (at) . Details on how to pay will be provided after that. 
  • Professional team of knowledgeable SOG owners/collectors to evaluate your knife.
  • We keep track (in a list) of how much a SOG knife sold for on ebay and online forums since 22 Mar 09!.
  • Fuss free - no need to send in your knife!
  • Quick, easy online appraisal.
  • No need to dig the information - we'll do it for you!
  • The cheapest around at just $1 per knife.
  • The most updated price list of old and new SOGs around.
  • Great way to support our site!

The reason why we have removed our 'Estimated value (2009)' on all our knife profiles is because of abuse. Many people have been free-loading off our site by using obvious chunks of our information and not referring our site in their sale page. We regret to have made this move but it is necessary to preserve our integrity. 

* SOG Knives Collectors reserves the right to use the pictures it receives without given notice.

Knife appraisals done to date:
- SOG Tigershark SK-5                (28th May 2012)
- SOG Nite Tech                           (28th May 2012)
- SOG S1 Bowie (serialised)          (28th May 2012)
- SOG Midnight Tigershark         (26th May 2012)
- SOG Nite Tech                           (26th May 2012)
- SOG Sogwinder II                      (11th May 2012)
- SOG Government                       (8th May 2012)
- SOG Desert Dagger                  (13th Feb 2012)
- SOG Desert Dagger (Leather) (1st Feb 2012)
- SOG Power Lock, Gold TiNi   (17th Jan 2012)
- SOG Pentagon                           (12th Jan 2012)
- SOG Recon Government           (12th Jan 2012)
- SOG Desert Dagger                   (5th Oct 2011)
- SOG S1 Bowie - 1st Gen            (3rd Sep 2011)
- SOG Tech II                              (20th Aug 2011)
- SOG Tigershark SK-5               (25th Jul 2011)
- SOG S1 Bowie                            (25th Jul 2011)
- SOG Desert Dagger (Leather)  (6th Jul 2011)
- SOG Tomcat (Cocobolo)           (6th Jun 2011)
- SOG Tech II                               (6th Jun 2011)
- SOG Nite Tech                           (6th Jun 2011)
- SOG Midnight Tigershark        (20th May 2011)
- SOG Team Leader (Folder)      (28th Mar 2011)
- SOG Sogwinder II                      (8th Jan 2011)
- SOG X-42 Recondo                   
(3rd Jan 2011)
- SOG Seal Pup                             (3rd Jan 2011)
- SOG S2 Trident                          (3rd Jan 2011)
- SOG Pentagon                           
(3rd Jan 2011)
- SOG Daggert 1                            (3rd Jan 2011)
- SOG Trident S2 Bowie                (8th Dec 2010)
- SOG Northwest Ranger               (14th Nov 2010)
- SOG Government (Leather)        (14th Nov 2010)
- SOG Pentagon (Cocobolo)           (14th Nov 2010)
-  SOG Desert Dagger (Leather)    (14th Nov 2010)
-  SOG Recon Government             (14th Nov 2010)
- SOG SCUBA/Demo - serialized   (21st Jun 2010)
- SOG Recon Government              (21st Jun 2010)
- SOG Mini-Tsunami                      (4th Apr 2010)
- SOG Stingray                                (4th Apr 2010)
- SOG S1 Bowie - 1st Gen               (24th Feb 2010)
- SOG Tomcat                                  (5th Feb 2010)
- SOG Tech II                                   (27th Jan 2010)
- SOG Toolclip                                 (27th Nov 2009)
- SOG Sogwinder II                         (13th Aug 2009)
- SOG Recon Government              (13th Aug 2009)
- SOG NW Ranger                          (11th Aug 2009)
- SOG SCUBA/Demo                      (13th Jul 2009)
- SOG Tech                                      (13th Jul 2009)
- SOG S1 Bowie                               (9th Jun 2009)